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As much as I love city life, there is a time when I feel overwhelmed with its busy, loud streets and millions of people rushing about everyday….Suddenly I find myself lost in the chaos and struggle to process my own thoughts any longer. I suppose we all have those moments when it all gets a bit too much sometime.

So there I am, trying to escape this chaotic time in my life, trying to find myself and my BALANCE again.

My perfect place for this ???…. It has to be Cornwall. A county on England’s rugged South-Western tip. It truly the most magical place, full of wild moorland and hundreds of sandy beaches culminating at the promontory Land’s End. Who couldn’t fall in love with little harbour villages such as Fowey and Falmouth, that are full of original fixtures and character? The north coast is lined with towering cliffs and seaside resorts like Newquay, known for surfing. This is one of my favourite destinations, especially in the evening. I enjoy sitting by the beach with coffee just waiting for the sun to go down and watching surfers break the waves that last one time before it gets dark…Simply Magical!!

Cornwall is my perfect place for long walks by the beach, where you can actually breathe and taste that sea air. As intriguing as it sounds, I feel like a type of metamorphosis occurs where I change into a new and refreshed person. It is the perfect place if you need time alone or to spend with your family. I would say there is something for everyone but for me, it is a magical escape from my busy, crazy life and every day routine.

So now I am recharged and balanced, I am ready to take on the world again!!!…Well at least until the next time LOL.

What is your perfect place?

pictures taken by Nikon and Drone.


  1. Beautiful cornwall??

    • yes it is. thanks

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